When an established business owner is considering selling their business, a veteran buyer may well be the ideal purchaser candidate.  Veterans possess many of the character traits and hard work ethic essential for business ownership and operational success.  Some entrepreneurial minded veterans are interested in purchasing an already established business with the advantages of an existing customer base, cash flow, etc. …without the challenges involved in a start-up business.

Our Veteran Business Project (“VBP”) provides a means by which potential sellers can advertise their business to potential veteran buyers.  Sellers are encouraged to fill out the Business Profile form/contact information for posting on the program “Businesses For Sale” feature.  VBP will provide ongoing notices to various national and state veterans services organizations as to this ongoing program with encouragement to review the Businesses For Sale feature.  Interested veteran buyers will likewise be encouraged to fill out and submit the program Potential Buyer form.  Buyers and sellers will then be put in direct contact.

We believe this “in development” program has clear advantages to both buyers and sellers.  Additionally, our Veteran Apprentice to Owner program positions veterans to work within a business for a period of time before entering into a buy/sell contract.  Owners have the opportunity to train and observe the potential buyer, pre-sale, as well.  Financing of the sale could be by standard business loan methods or potentially by direct arrangement between the seller and the buyer.