Dale Y. Eisenberg


Dale is the co-founder of 1 VET AT A TIME and a strong, committed proponent of veteran entrepreneurship.  He has been a successful restaurateur for over 40 years having owned multiple Original Pancake House stores in Toledo, Ohio and the suburbs of Chicago.  His desire to continually improve his restaurants by bringing healthy food options to the public, coupled with his desire to develop a socially conscious, “lifestyle” business, also led to the development of 2Toots Train Whistle Grill and ultimately the 1 VET AT A TIME initiative.  In addition to his OPH store he is an effective leader and multiple store owner-operator of 2Toots which has grown and expanded throughout the Chicago area over the last decade.  Always in the public eye, Dale is a staunch supporter of veteran issues, and encourages and mentors veteran entrepreneurs while also pushing our educational and awareness agenda.