The 1VAAT Grants program is in the early development stage.  Conceptually, its purpose will be to assist veteran entrepreneurs in various stages of their businesses.  This could be by way of collateral assistance, one of the primary requirements financial lending institutions typically require of prospective borrowers seeking access to capital for business start-ups and/or expansion, or it could be to help cover operating shortfalls, business growth, potential default on a loan, or to even provide assistance to a business deemed to be viable but facing potential closure.  This program will include an application and personalized approval process, also under development.

As it is never too early to let your interest be known, we will be asking entrepreneurial veterans to pre-register for this program using our Grant Registration Form.  Once the particulars have been established we will proactively and directly notify those who have registered, in order of application, and update our site accordingly.  We look forward to being of service…and fulfilling our mission of supporting veteran small business ownership, 1 Vet At A Time.